Kauai Henna


Catana has a variety of designs to choose from or a freestyle design can be created for you.

*Many designs found online can also be replicated.

For time & price estimates, please feel free to email or text a description of desired design(s) or send images that provide a general idea of what you have in mind.

Pricing for Henna & Jagua designs are based on size & detail, but typically range $25-$50.

Appointments are available throughout the week. Please contact for availability.

*There is a $50 minimum for an appointment of one or more people. 

(The minimum is not in addition to the design cost.)

** 1-6 people can be booked under one appointment time.

For any inquiries or to make an appointment,

please text (808) 651-4578 or email through contact form below. 

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